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MH Mind-Body Wellness

Holistic Psychotherapy, EMDR,
Yoga &
Wellness Retreats  

Welcome. I am Holistic Psychotherapist and Yoga & Meditation Teacher, offering an integrative approach to healing blending Eastern Spirituality & Western Psychology. My offerings include: Somatic (body-centered) Psychotherapy, EMDR, therapeutic yoga, meditation and breath-work.


Psycho-spiritual inquiry is at the heart of my teachings. I invite people to use the container of the practice/therapy space as an opportunity to listen deeply to the wisdom of the body to awaken to our true nature. My deepest intention is to create a compassionate and loving space for self-inquiry, insight and healing.


I offer psychotherapy for women, teen girls and couples residing in the state of CA. I also lead Wellness Retreats in the California Bay Area and Costa Rica, focused on deepening embodied presence and insight with psycho-spiritual inquiry.

I believe with my whole being that it is our inherent birthright to awaken to our true nature, to feel empowered, fully expressed and living from our deepest truth.

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