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My approach to teaching yoga is therapeutic, supporting a more integrated sense of being. I offer a deeply nourishing practice to support our physical, emotional and mental well-being. These therapeutic yoga practices may include yin yoga, mindful flow, meditation and pranayama (breath work).


I invite my students to use their practice on the mat to listen deeply to the wisdom of the body to awaken to higher consciousness. My deepest intention in teaching is to create a safe space for self inquiry and healing through the body.

As I have experienced personally in my years of practice, yoga can support us in developing a more loving and integrated experience within. This can support us in our relationships and meeting life's inherent challenges from a more grounded, connected and authentic place.

I have immense gratitude for my teachers on the path of yoga, meditation and psycho-spiritual inquiry: Sarah Powers (Insight Yoga), Dina Amsterdam (InnerYoga) and Stephanie Nosco.


What is Yin Yoga?

Yin yoga is a passive, meditative practice that removes stagnation deep in our connective tissues (our ligaments, joints, fascia). Poses are held for several minutes to gently stretch, moisten and rehabilitate the connective tissues. The energetic benefits of Yin are based on TraditionalChinese Medicine, in which we are stimulating the meridian channels of the body - rivers of energy (chi) that run through these tissues. By nourishing these organ channels, chi is able to flow more fluidly. Strong flowing chi stabilizes the emotional body, resulting in a peaceful and balanced state of being.

Work with me:

I am currently offering 1:1 yoga & somatic therapy. Sessions are designed based on individual goals.

Our sessions may include:
 therapeutic yoga, breath work, meditation and somatic (subtle body) practices.
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